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X-48MKII - 48-Track Hybrid Hard Disk Workstation

This model has been discontinued. It has been replaced with the DA-6400.



Sanrio Entertainment Co., Ltd. -An Amusement Park-

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Main application:Playback of attraction sounds (including music and effects)



© 2013 SANRIO CO., LTD.

Sanrio Entertainment Co., Ltd. operates Sanrio Puroland, an amusement park located in Tama Center (Tama City, Tokyo), which is also where TEAC is headquartered. Sanrio puroland, which has a large 21,173m² property, opened in 1990 as the first entirely outdoor theme park in Japan.

The theme park has incorporated an X-48MKII as a multi-track audio playback device for the "Power The Kitty" attraction.

Another system has been set up that uses the X-48MKII as the timecode master. Video display devices (for projection mapping, shown in the photo to the left) receive this timecode and operate as timecode slave units. In this system, transport control is sent from a third-party MMC controller (photo below) to operate the X-48MKII, and video is synchronized with audio playback to be shown. Multi-track recordings created in Pro Tools are imported and played back by the X-48MKII not only as background music but also for sound effects and other audio.

The X-48MKII has an IF-AN24X optional analog card installed. The X-48MKII is using analog connection for communication with the digital mixer. The audio is output to the attraction after mixing.



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