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X-48MKII - 48-Track Hybrid Hard Disk Workstation

This model has been discontinued. It has been replaced with the DA-6400.


Live Recording
The portability of the X-48mkII makes it a natural choice for live event and house of worship recording. Its dedicated design gives you extra reliability for those occasions when there aren't any second takes.

The optional IF-AN24X analog input card offers 24 high-quality balanced analog inputs, and you can use two cards for 48-track/96kHz recording. AES/EBU and ADAT digital I/O cards are also available, and both the analog and digital I/O can be used simultaneously for monitoring.

The rear panel contains a eSATA connection for connecting more hard drives for extra storage. Since the X-48mkII records Broadcast WAVE files, these recordings can immediately be brought into your favorite DAW for editing and mixing, or you can complete the project "inside the box" with the mixer built into the X-48mkII. It also offers 60-channel automated mixing with powerful processing features, allowing you to monitor the show without an external mixer, and/or output a stereo mix to a CD or DVD recorder like our DV-RA1000HD.

Music Tracking
Working with the X-48mkII gives you the feel of recording to a purpose-built recorder, instead of an adapted computer workstation, for solid, reliable performance. With all of its synchronization and control options - like 9-pin control, MIDI control and SMPTE sync - it easily integrates with the rest of the equipment in your studio. When you just want to capture the music, not get bogged down in editing and setup, the X-48mkII helps you keep the session moving quickly to keep your artists creative.

The X-48mkII handles 48 tracks of simultaneous 96kHz recording and it keeps up with every punch-in, no matter how fast. Its great-sounding analog converters and inexpensive DVD backup media make it the perfect replacement for aging 24-track recorders. You can record to its built-in 1TB hard drive or to eSATA drives for removable storage.

Once you've captured the performance, you can assemble the perfect take using its built-in editing interface. Just plug in a mouse, keyboard and VGA monitor to start editing, looping, or crossfading between takes. If you prefer working in another format, export your session as an AAF file to a workstation like Pro Tools®. Audio tracks on the X-48mkII are also recorded as standard time-stamped Broadcast WAVE files that can be imported into any workstation software, and you can even work in "tape mode," which creates one audio file per track to make file management between systems easy.

Live Presentation Playback
The X-48mkII excels as a playback machine for theater, live performance and presentation applications. Its Theatre Mode function allows you to play one audio selection at a time, automatically cueing up the next section for instant playback. Designed for theaters playing back sound effects and music selections, Theatre Mode also offers hundreds of creative possibilities for multimedia producers. Whether the project originates on the X-48mkII or is imported from a DAW like Pro Tools, cueing the next scene is as simple and reliable as tapping a footswitch.

Synchronization features like SMPTE, MIDI and RS-422 enable the X-48mkII to integrate with multimedia installations. Its 48 tracks of playback easily allow multi-channel surround mixes to be reproduced with astonishing clarity. Integrated editing, mixing and project management allow the engineer to control an entire production from their fingertips.

Project Studio Recording
From the Portastudio to high-end professional solutions, TASCAM is well-known for innovative, all-in-one production workstations integrating recording and mixing in one box. The X-48mkII allows a small studio to combine 48-track, 96kHz/24-bit recording with powerful automated mixing for results never before possible at this price point.

The editing screen of the X-48mkII uses a familiar DAW interface, with snap-to-grid editing, crossfade and features professionals demand. The internal mixer is a 60-input digital system with 32-bit floating-point resolution. Each channel provides 4-band parametric EQ, dynamics processing and six aux sends. Best of all, the X-48mkII is configured out of the box for pro audio recording. There's nothing to install or troubleshoot - just plug it in, turn it on and press record.

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