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US-428 - Audio / MIDI Interface and Control Surface

This model has been discontinued.


TASCAM and Frontier Design Group have partnered together to create the first major innovation in USB-based audio. Start with a fully 24-bit front end, with two XLR inputs, two balanced 1/4" TRS inputs, two unbalanced 1/4" inputs (switchable to Hi-Z), and S/PDIF I/O. Four channels of audio in and two out simultaneously via USB. No opening your computer, no sound card to install - it's USB, so you can even hot-plug it.

You'll spend a lot less time mousing your mix with the US-428. It's got real tactile controls for the most-used functions in your DAW applications. Transport, mute/solo and locate keys, unlimited banks of eight faders, an EQ module that supports control of up to four bands of fully parametric EQ, plus four aux sends and a panpot. It's even got 32 channels of MIDI I/O. Use one for your keys and modules, and the other for MTC, to lock your MTC-capable tape tracks to your computer.

The US-428 comes bundled with a custom version of Steinberg's Cubasis VST audio recording/MIDI sequencing software. The PC version is available with US-428s shipping now, while the Mac version will be available soon and will be shipped to previous purchasers of the US-428 free of charge.