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US-122 - USB Audio/MIDI Interface

This model has been discontinued. It has been replaced with the US-2x2.



TASCAM Interfaces Now Include Steinberg Cubase LE!

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Steinberg's Cubase LE workstation software is now included free with the TASCAM US-122, US-224, US-428, FW-1082, FW-1804 and FW-1884. This software provides 48 tracks of recording and playback with a TASCAM interface and a Mac OS X or Windows XP computer.

These are just a few of the features of Steinberg Cubase LE:


Feature Benefit
48 audio tracks More than many “pro” applications, enough for large arrangements and multiple takes
64 MIDI tracks Record layers of MIDI synths, or incorporate
ReWire samplers like GigaStudio 3 LE
96kHz/24-bit audio resolution Audiophile recording quality captures every detail and nuance
VST plug-in effects Thousands of effects to choose from, from free downloads to pro packages, with the most widely-supported plug-in format
VST instrument support Incorporate VST soft synths into your Cubase arrangements
Notation editing and printing MIDI tracks show up as completed notation for printing charts for musicians and editing tracks
Time Stretch Change the tempo of a loop to match your song
ReWire 2 integration Run ReWire-compatible applications like GigaStudio 3 on the same computer as Cubase LE
Upgrade path to Cubase SX Upgrade to the full version of Cubase if you outgrow this version
Extensive support for mixing control surfaces Use a US-224, US-428, FW-1884 or FW-1082 to control the program


To upgrade from Cubase LE to a more powerful version like Cubase SX3, visit

NOTE: TASCAM has discovered an incompatibility between Apple's "Tiger" OS 10.4 system software and Steinberg's Cubase LE v1.07 installer. For a successful install of Cubase LE, install it on your Mac first, then install Tiger. If you have purchased a new Mac with Tiger pre-installed, Cubase LE will not install. US customers should contact TASCAM Parts at (323) 726-0303 or to receive a new installer disk that is compatible with Tiger. We apologize for any inconvenience.