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Track Pack X1 - US-100 Interface / MC-VT1 Microphone / HP-VT1 Headphones Bundle

This model has been discontinued.


What is it?

Here's a list of commonly-used terms in computer music recording:

Condenser mic A type of microphone that uses an electrically-charged capacitor to capture sound with sensitivity and detail, like the included MC-VT1
DAW software DAW stands for Digital Audio Workstation, a type of software like Audacity that allows you to record, edit and mix music or sound effects
Guitar in An input with the correct signal and impedance levels for an electric guitar or bass, or an acoustic guitar with a pickup
Interface Like a soundcard, a computer interface allows you to plug microphones, guitars and speakers into your computer using USB 2.0
Line In An input with a signal level you get from most powered devices like keyboards, CD players, or effects processors
Mic In An input with the low signal level coming out of a microphone
Monitor Mix A knob that allows you to balance the sound directly through the US-100 with computer playback while recording
Reverb The sound of a large space like a concert hall or church, one of the effects included with Audacity
XLR The type of large 3-pin cable used with professional microphones. The female (three hole) end attaches to the microphone and the male (three pin) side connects to the US-100. One XLR cable is included in the Track Pack X1.