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SX-1LE Plus - Digital Production Environment

This model has been discontinued. It has been replaced with the 2488neo.


The only integrated digital workstation that's packed with professional features!

Compare our SX-1LE Plus Digital Production Environment with the competition and it's clear which workstation has the feature set you need to get serious projects done. Like 100mm touch-sensitive moving faders, full (not just snapshot) automation and simultaneous 16-track hard disk recording at 24-bits (not yesterday's 16-bit resolution). Add 16 mic/line inputs, 40-channel mix engine, 6-channel stem recorder, 128-channel MIDI sequencer and external XVGA output and you have a potent productivity tool.

Easy to set up and use.

Each component of the SX-1LE Plus was carefully designed to offer world-class operation on its own.

But with its intuitive design and natural user experience, the SX-1LE is much more than the sum of its parts. Its user interface was designed to function as a seamlessly integrated unit. Audio professionals and songwriters alike will feel comfortable relying on the SX-1LE for their most important projects.

The recording section is designed so that you can begin recording music after only four button presses. Its 16-track, 24-bit hard disk recorder is based on our best-selling MX-2424 recorders for world-class sound quality and reliability. Virtual tracks, up to 999, mean that you don't need to record over a take to try it again. The LCD display and VGA monitor output make it simple to see what you've recorded and, along with the included mouse and keyboard, provide an editing interface to rival high-end digital workstations.

40-channel mixing and generous, expandable I/O.

A powerful 40-input digital mixing console is integrated with the SX-1LE Plus' recording section for seamless operation and stunning audio quality. Each of the 32 channel inputs has powerful processing features like 3-band parametric EQ and dynamics, and can be routed to the 8 buss outputs or stereo outs. Four stereo effects returns are provided for the four realtime DSP plug-ins.

The SX-1LE has all the inputs and outputs you need for large recording sessions.