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SX-1LE Plus - Digital Production Environment

This model has been discontinued. It has been replaced with the 2488neo.


Sophisticated MIDI sequencing.

The 128-track MIDI sequencer adds even more recording capability. With four MIDI outputs, your arrangements have access to 64 MIDI channels. You get step and continuous recording modes, non-destructive quantize/diatonic transposition, MIDI reverse play, event list editing and graphic (piano roll) editing. The SX-1LE Plus' SMPTE, MIDI and RS-422 features allow synchronization with sequencers, DAWs or video playback.

Quick and easy recording interface.

With just four button presses you can begin recording - perfect for those moments when you just need to get a new idea down. As your arrangement begins to take shape, you'll appreciate the 16 tracks of 24-bit recording and the clarity of the 16 phantom-powered mic pres. The VGA display output allows you to edit your tracks until you've assembled the perfect take.

When you're ready to mix, you get 3-band EQ on each of the 32 input channels, plus 4 stereo effects returns for the built-in or external effects -- including TC Works reverb and Antares mic modeling effects. All of your mixing moves are fully automated using the touch-sensitive moving faders, and automation can be edited on the display to get it just right.

Full 5.1 surround mix and monitoring capabilities.

With its dedicated 6-channel stem controller and recorder, the SX-1LE Plus is a good fit for studios looking to capture and manipulate surround audio. The SX-1LE Plus implements an intuitive interface for working in surround. Using the comprehensive GUI, you can place your audio anywhere within a 360� field to set the levels and panning for your surround playback. Also included are advanced surround controls for setting divergence and LFE, as well as the ability to cancel the center channel.

There's also a wide variety of monitoring functions with the SX-1LE Plus. An onboard speaker switcher allows access to its three speaker outputs. Nearfield and soffit speaker control room outputs can be fed by a large number of sources, including left/right, auxes 1-6, cue mix, 2-track inputs and others. Two headphone outputs are also included, fed by the control room or studio output signals.

No B-Room should B without one.

One of the limiting factors in choosing gear for projects rooms is space, since fitting a large console, multitrack recorder, outboard signal processing, DAW-style editing, mixdown tools and MIDI sequencing can take up more room than a 10 x 10 area can provide. But the SX-1LE Plus offers all of these abilities and more, in a compact package that's slightly over 3 feet wide by 2 feet deep.

For multimedia projects, the SX-1LE can be synchronized using MIDI or SMPTE timecode, or using RS-422 (Sony 9-pin). There's also video and word clock inputs and outputs for digital audio routing, in addition to two sets of S/PDIF digital inputs and outputs and ADAT optical digital I/O. As your studio expands, you can add another 24 digital or analog inputs and outputs using the three expansion slots.

Each of the SX-1LE Plus' components offer the feature set and audio quality expected for high-end music and audio production, making it an attractive choice for smaller yet commercially viable recording environments.

The all-in-one church live sound and production solution.

The SX-1LE Plus is the perfect all-in-one solution for front-of-house audio mixing, recording ceremonies and productions, creation of Compact Discs for distribution, and content creation for classes and special promotions.

It offers the ability to create sophisticated live mixes and perform mixdowns with EQ and effects - all with the professional quality that today's congregations expect. Professional features like MIDI sequencing, DAW-style editing and touch-sensitive moving fader automation ensure that your productions will sound polished and dynamic.

For more information, download our SX1-LE Plus Applications Guide. Better yet, use our Dealer Finder to locate your nearest TASCAM dealer and ask for a demo. You'll be amazed at just how much we've packed into a single integrated workstation.