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TASCAM Software Mixer - Advanced Software Driver for Windows

This model has been discontinued.


New Windows Driver Adds Multimedia and Mixing Features to US-2x2 and US-4x4

Introducing TASCAM Software Mixer, an application which provides additional functions for US-2x2 and US-4x4. These TASCAM audio interfaces were designed for music production, offering great sound quality and easy operation. With the new Software Mixer, their use expands to multimedia and personal broadcasting.

For Personal Broadcasting
Software Mixer includes two modes of operation. Selecting the BROADCAST/KARAOKE mode sets the best signal path and functions for personal broadcasting. The loopback function allows playback from the computer (e.g. iTunes, YouTube, video games) to be used as background music for personal broadcasting. It can be mixed with the sound from the mic input into US-2x2 or US-4x4 before output or recording into another software app. The volume between the two sources can be adjusted.
For Internet Karaoke
The BROADCAST/KARAOKE mode can also be used for Internet karaoke. The signal path is structured in a special way to allow effects to be applied only on the sound from the mic before being sent back to the computer. The sound from the mic can be adjusted, mixed with the accompaniment track, then output.

* Effects are to be applied using ASIO-compatible software. Effects are not included.
For Internet Voice and Video Calls
US-2x2 and US-4x4 can also be put to use for voice and video calls over the Internet, such as Skype and GoToMeeting. Selecting the DAW mode sets the best signal path for online calls. Hear calls in high sound quality to understand everyone in the room.
For Mixing and Multimedia
Select the DAW mode for music production and general audio output. Functions unnecessary for music production are turned off, allowing you to consentrate on the production.

The TASCAM Software Mixer is now available for download free of charge.

System requirements

Compatible OS: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Compatible computer: Windows-compatible computer with a USB2.0 port
CPU: Dual-core processor 2GHz or higher (x86)
Memory: 2GB or higher




Two Modes to Fit Your Workflow
Software Mixer includes two modes of operation. DAW mode is optimized for for music production, video editing, and general playback. BROADCAST/KARAOKE mode is made for personal broadcasting and Internet karaoke. Each mode switches the signal path for you in the background.

* On the US-4x4, only IN1 and IN2 are active in BROADCAST/KARAOKE mode. IN3 and IN4 are active only in DAW mode.
Loopback Function for Background Sound when Personal Broadcasting
When personal broadcasting, background audio may be desired, like music from iTunes or Windows Media Player. But to make this possible, we need a "loopback" function in the driver. Loopback takes the output of one software program and sends it into a second software app. Selecting the BROADCAST/KARAOKE mode automatically turns on the loopback function. Volume can be adjusted using the playback software (e.g. iTunes) or Software Mixer.

* Please note that, depending on the settings of the broadcasting software, signals may feed back. Be careful with your headphone volume..
External Effect (ASIO) Switch Enables Processing for Your Voice
When Internet karaoke or personal broadcasting, you might want to add effects like EQ, compression, or reverb. The External Effect switch is designed to help you do this. Checking ON allows for effects to be applied on the mic sound using ASIO-compatible software such as SONAR and Live (included with the US-2x2 and US-4x4.) This switch can be used in BROADCAST/KARAOKE mode.

* Effects are not built into this product.
* Depending on the type and number of effects and buffer size settings, it may increase the burden on the computer and cause noise.
Detailed Settings Available for Power Users
If further adjustments are necessary in BROADCAST/KARAOKE mode, click the [Detail] button. The following can be adjusted in this window:

IN1 / IN2 Volume:
Adjust the volume of the mics connected to the equipment's IN1 / IN2 port. The volume for personal broadcasting or karaoke can be adjusted while the GAIN knob on the equipment remains set to an input signal level which is electrically suitable. Set the GAIN on the equipment so that the SIG LED is lit green. If the mic volume becomes too loud, adjust the volume here.

MONO / STEREO switching:
Change whether the sound is output in mono or stereo. When connecting stereo sources such as video games and music players, set to STEREO. When you're just recording a one microphone, set to MONO.

PC Audio Out:
Set the volume of the sound output from the computer. We recommend to set this at the default value and adjust the volume in your computer's software. Use this if the software does not have volume control.

Adjust the volume of the combined output after sounds from IN1 / IN2 and your PC audio out have been mixed together. Adjust this volume if the volume is too loud going into your personal broadcasting software or the Internet karaoke software.

Compatible With Simultaneous Output of ASIO and WDM Software
The mixing function in the software allows for simultaneous output of ASIO software (e.g. DAW) and WDM software (e.g. iTunes, system sounds). No complicated operation is required to listen to output from two different software applications at the same time. This function is active in either mode. 


Instructions To TOP
  1. Install the latest driver and Settings Panel software for your US-2x2 and US-4x4.
    This step is not required for existing users (who already have the latest driver and Settings Panel software installed).
    Download the latest driver and Settings Panel software from the product download pages
  2. Install TASCAM Software Mixer.
    The specialized driver is automatically installed along with TASCAM Software Mixer.
    Note: Do not uninstall the driver and Settings Panel software installed in step 1.
  3. Select the specialized driver "US-2x2 & US-4x4 Mixing Driver" in your ASIO-compatible software (DAW) and in the Windows sound settings.

Note: If two drivers are shown, select the one with the words "Mixing Driver."


Features at a glance

  • New software driver provides additional features to the US-2x2 and US-4x4
  • Consists of two modes for different tasks or styles of working
  • ASIO/WDM simultaneous output function
  • Loopback function suitable for background music for personal broadcasting
  • External Effect (ASIO) switch to use ASIO effects processing on your microphone audio
  • Adjustable input (IN1 / IN2) volume
  • Selectable MONO or STEREO direct monitoring
  • Selectable MONO or STEREO output signal
  • Adjust PC output volume
  • Adjust output to PC volume
  • MUTE function for equipment input to remove noise from unused channels
  • Select LINE OUT output signal (Monitor or Computer)
  • Compatible with Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10