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RC-898 - Multi-machine remote controller for centralized transport and record control for six DTRS recorders

This model has been discontinued.


The RC-898 is the ultimate remote for the DTRS line of multitrack recorders - an ideal solution for professional analog or digital recording systems.

While most digital consoles today offer built-in transport control, they typically do not offer control over machine settings like SMPTE frame rates or other set-up functions. The RC-898 offers advanced machine control, as well as dedicated function buttons and lit indicators that save valuable time in busy studio environments.

Illuminating transport keys and large time readouts can easily be read from across the room. The RC-898 also offers a 100 point auto locator, with 10-key access and pre roll settings. Track arming keys are provided for up to 6 machines (a total of 48 tracks). The on-board LCD screen makes machine set-ups easy, emulating the menu structure of the DA-98 and DA-98HR. This can be used to access the functions of the DA-38 and DA-78HR, as well.