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PT-7 - Combination chromatic tuner, metronome and memo recorder

This model has been discontinued.


The TASCAM PT-7 combines three useful functions into an affordable, easy-to-use package. The chromatic tuner is one of the fastest you've ever seen, its metronome is flexible and the idea recorder is totally unique. It's a must-have for musicians, from students to professionals.

Features & Benefits  
Feature Benefit
Fast chromatic tuner Your note is insteantly identified in the display, using a vertical scale and rotating pattern to help you zero in on pitch
Tuner Oscillator Provides a tone for musicians or singers to use as pitch reference
Metronome Tap Tempo Press a button to the beat for a display of that tempo
Built-in mic and speaker Use without attaching other equipment
Digital recorder Records 20 minutes of mono audio for capturing ideas or slowing down a phrase to learn it
1/4" mic or instrument input Plug in a guitar or bass to tune it
Alternate metronome meters Practice music in meters like 7/4 or shuffle time
Alternate tuner scales Tune instruments to alternate or period temperments
Headphone output Listen to the oscillator or pre-recorded tracks
Flip-out stand Sits upright on a table or clips to a music stand
Analog Devices Blackfin DSP processing The most advanced processing chip ever put in a tuner for nearly instant pitch recognition


Using Variable Speed Audition to Learn Music

The PT-7 allows you to loop and slow down music to learn new licks or transcribe parts. Here is how you set that up:
  1. Plug your source into the 1/4" input or hold the mic next to it
  2. Press RECORD. The red light turns on to show it's recording.
  3. Press the PLAY button to hear your recording. While it's playing back, press the IN/OUT button twice. Your recording will loop from the in point to the out point.
  4. Press and hold the PB CONT button to access its menu. You will see a line in the display next to the setting you want to changeThere are four settings that affect playback here:
    • CORRECT - When on, the music will not change pitch when you slow it down.
    • KEY - Changes the pitch of playback in 1/2 step intervals
    • Speed - Changes playback between 50(%) speed and 150(%) rate


Using the Metronome

Let's explore the metronome on the PT-7:
  1. Make sure the speaker is turned on with the switch on the top of the unit.
  2. Press the START/STOP button to start the magic.
  3. Press the METRONOME MODE button until there is a line next to the word "TEMPO" on the side of the display. This is where you set tempo, from 30 to 300 bpm. A list of common tempo markings (Largo, Adagio, etc.) is printed on the back of the unit.
  4. Press the METRONOME button again to select the TAP feature. Press the "-" button (also labeled TAP) in time with the music in your head to see the tempo appear in the display.
  5. Press the METRONOME button one more time to select BEAT. This controls which beats will be accented by the metronome.
    • 0-0 disables the metronome
    • 1-4 through 7-4 select those meters (4-4 is the default)
    • 8 accents every 8th note
    • 12 accents 8th note tripets
    • 16 accents 16th notes
    • SHU accents the first and third 8th note triplet for a swing/shuffle rhythm


Playing a Reference Pitch

Here's how to use the PT-7 to generate a refernce pitch for a singer or musician:
  1. Make sure the speaker is turned on with the switch on the top of the unit.
  2. Press the TUNE MODE button until you select SOUND in the display.
  3. Press the START/STOP button to hear a tone from the speaker.
  4. Use the +/- buttons to change the pitch of the output.