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MMR-8 - The world standard for post-production film dubbing and Pro Tools® session compatibility

This model has been discontinued. It has been replaced with the HS-8.


The MMR-8 is designed primarily to be a replacement for the mag dubber in post production mix stages. The key feature on the TASCAM MMR-8 is the ability to work with hard drives in many DAW's native formats, eliminating the need for transfers from one media to another. These dubbers actually read the EDL (Edit Decision List) that the DAW works from. Inside the MMR-8, you'll still find many of the basic editing features you're accustomed to on DAW's, like cut, copy, paste, etc. The ability to make minor edits during the mix stage also saves time. Since the MMR-8 can also record in DAW formats, it has also found its way into Foley and ADR stages, often acting as a target machine for mixing surround systems. When combined with the Graphic User Interface application ViewNet Audio, the MM-series dubber network can become a powerful, yet still user-friendly tool by utilizing a familiar DAW layout.