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LD-74 - Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone

This model has been discontinued.


TASCAM's LD-74 microphone brings the lush, detailed sound of large-diaphragm condenser microphones home to musicians everywhere. Designed by MXL, whose microphones have been featured in dozens of hit songs and soundtracks, the LD-74 uses a 1" gold-sputtered diaphragm to capture every whisper of a performance. The specs and sound quality are nearly identical to classic studio-standard vocal and instrument mics. The microphone is a true condenser design, requiring 48-volt phantom power from the mixer or interface. Also included with the microphone is a tabletop stand and XLR cable.

The LD-74 is a part of TASCAM's TNT Bundle, which includes an audio interface and recording software for everything you need to start recording on your computer. Check out the microphone that's as great-sounding as it is affordable - what else would you expect from the company that invented home recording.