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Kamesan KS-4320 - Talent Monitor / Cough Box

This model has been discontinued.


The KS-4320 is a box designed for commentators in a broadcast situation. It acts as a preamp for the commentator's mic, integrates with the production intercom, and provides a headphone output.

The KS-4320 has a mic preamp built-in, which offers phantom power to the mic (if needed). A mute button on the top allows the commentator to disable their mic. Depending on how much the commentator needs to speak, the button can be configured for push-to-mute, push-to-talk, or toggle on/off.

The KS-4320 works with standard intercom communication systems. The input can be switched from line level, an RTS IFB feed, or either of two ClearCom configurations. Pressing the TALKBACK button will mute the commentator's mic on the on-air feed, sending it to the intercom line for the production crew.

The KS-4320 can draw power from a 4-pin 12V input, or it can run on 3-AA batteries for over 5 hours.