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Kamesan KS-342 - 4-Channel Expandable Location Mixer

This model has been discontinued.


KS-342 Audio Path

  • 4 Mic/Line Inputs Channels
    • Input Connectors:
      • Balanced XLR Connectors
      • Stereo Balanced 5-pin XLR Input for Stereo Mics
      • Phantom Power and A-B Power Switchable per Channel
    • Channel Strip Functions:
      • Channel Faders Can Link Stereo Volume Control on One Dial
      • Pan Selector Chooses Left, Right, Center, or M-S Matrix
      • Variable Low Cut Filter from 20Hz-200Hz
      • Momentary PFL Function (Press LCF Dial for PFL)
      • Separate Input Gain and Volume Controls
  • Aux Input
    • Feeds Mix for More Inputs -or- Headphones for Monitor
    • Gain Control adjusts from -20dBu to +4dBu
    • 5-pin Din Connector
  • Stereo or Direct Outputs
    • 2:1 Compressor Available On Stereo Mix
      • Variable Threshold & Selectable Detect Source
    • (2) XLR Outputs for Stereo L/R, or Direct Out 1/2
    • (1) 5-pin XLR Output for Stereo L/R, or Direct Out 3/4
    • AES/EBU Output (24-bit @ 44.1kHz, 48kHz or 96kHz) on XLR
    • 1/8 TRS Output for Prosumer Camera Mic Inputs (-60)
  • Miscellaneous I/O
    • (2) Headphone Outputs
      • 1/8" and 1/4" TRS Plugs Eliminates Adapters
      • Use Both Outputs to Show a Mix Without Giving Up Your Phones
      • Select Source as L, R, Stereo, Mono, or M-S Matrix
    • Slate Mic w/ Momentary Engage Button
    • Built-in 1K Test Tone Generator

KS-342 Physical/Electrical Features

  • Over 4 Hour Battery Life on 8 AAs
    • 8-AA Battery Sled Provided for Easy Loading
    • Battery Life Tested w/ Alkaline Batteries at Normal Temperatures
    • Momentary Button Displays Battery Power on VU Meter
    • VU Light Switch for Conserving Power
  • 4-pin 12V DC Output on Side Panel
  • Optional Accessories:
    • KS-PSM12XLR4 12V Power Supply
    • KS-342CC Padded Carry Case

KS-6001 and KS-6002 Optional Modules

  • Snap-In Modular Expansion Design
    • Modules Snap Together; No Tools or Additional Wiring Needed
    • Power and Audio Travel on Built-in Multipin Connector
    • KS-342CC Carry Case Expands to Fit 2 Expansion Modules
  • KS-6001: 4 Additional Mic/Line Inputs
    • Channels are identical to KS-342, except for M-S Matrix
    • Mix Can Feed Stereo Mix or Aux Monitor Bus
    • XLR-7 Connector Provides Access to Submix, if Desired
    • Power Input Available for Independent Use, if Desired
    • KS-6002: 4-ch, 2-Band EQ and Compressor
      • Adds EQ and Comp to KS-342 or KS-6001
        • The KS-6002 Affects the Unit Stacked Directly Below
      • 2 Sweepable EQ Bands per Channel With In/Out Switch
        • Each Band offers ±12dB of Gain
        • High Band Sweeps from 1.2kHz to 15kHz
        • Low Band Sweeps from 200Hz to 3.2kHz
      • 2:1 Compressors offer Threshold, Stereo Link and In/Out Switch