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Kamesan KS-342 - 4-Channel Expandable Location Mixer

This model has been discontinued.


The KS-342 is a 4-channel field mixer. Its extensive set of on-board tools offer the audio engineer extreme flexibility. The KS-342's ergonomic design simplifies the operation, recessing "set-up" functions so the primary mixing functions are more accessible. This design allows a small footprint without giving up important features. Inputs & Channels The KS-342's input side offers XLR mic/line inputs on all 4 channels. A single rotary switch selects between four level inputs:

  • Mic w/ Phantom Power
  • Dynamic Mic (no Phantom)
  • A-B Power Mic
  • Line Level Input

On channels 1-2, a 5-pin stereo mic input is available (in addition to standard XLR inputs) for use with X-Y or M-S mics. When using stereo sources, the channel faders can be linked so the even number fader controls level for left and right.

If you're doing M-S (Middle-Side) stereo, channels 1-2 offer a matrix option. In this mode, fader 2 is the level, and fader 1 is the width control.

A variable low-cut filter is available on each channel. The filter can be set from 20Hz to 200Hz, maximizing the noise filtration without affecting the channel content.

An assignable Aux Input is also available on a 5-pin DIN. This can be used to feed a submixer to the main mix, or it can be exclusively fed to the headphones for confidence monitoring on the return of a camera. A gain adjustment control is provided on a thumbscrew.


Several output options are available. A pair of balanced XLR outputs can be set to mic or line level. A 5-pin XLR is also provided for easy stereo links. These 3 connectors can be switched from a pair of stereo outputs to direct outputs of channels 1-4, for multi-track applications.

An AES/EBU output is provided, capable of up to 96kHz audio. An unbalanced stereo -60dB output is provided on a 1/8" mini for easy feeds to prosumer camera mic inputs, if needed.

Helpful Features & Expansion

A slate mic is built-in to the front panel of the KS-342 for quick notes like take info, or equipment settings that may need to be replicated later. Other helpful features include a 1kHz test tone generator, battery tester (shows in VU meter), 2:1 compressor for output, and a 12V DC output for powering other equipment.

If more channels are needed, the KS-6001 submixer module can be added. This provides 4 additional channels that are functionally identical to the 4 channels on the KS-342, except for the M-S matrix. The submixer signal can be routed either to the stereo mix, or the aux monitor feed.

If processing is desired, the KS-6002 can be used to insert a 2-band EQ and 2:1 compressor on each channel of the KS-342 or the KS-6001. The KS-6002 will insert the effects into the unit stacked directly below it.

The KS-6001 and KS-6002 snap on to the KS-342, offering quick attach and quick release capability. A multipin connector pops out of the top (or bottom) of the units, allowing audio and power to pass from the KS-342. No additional batteries or wires are needed. The KS-342CC carry case also expands to accommodate the expansion units.