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Kamesan KS-1018 - Audio/Video Clapboard Cue

This model has been discontinued.


The KS-1018 is a simple electronic clapboard. It creates a pulse of light and audio tone at the same time. This is helpful for a wide variety of situations, from low-budget multiple camera "wild sync" shoots to long distance broadcasting.

The cue light pulse and audio tone can be manually triggered from the "One-Shot" button on the top, or the unit can be set to automatically loop so a tape can be striped with several beeps, if desired. The KS-1018 has a threaded socket on the bottom for mounting on a tripod, or it can be set on a table.

The audio tone is emitted through the built-in speaker. For direct connection to a camera or an audio recorder, an XLR port on the side can output mic or line level.

The main white light in the front is used for the cue. If used in automatic loop mode, the three lights on the right of the front panel will show a 3-2-1 countdown to the pulse for visual reference.