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Kamesan KS-1017 - Audio/Video Slip Calculator

This model has been discontinued.


The KS-1017 measures any lag between audio and video signals. Lag times are commonly slid because of additional video processing, or because audio and video are transmitted over different paths (i.e., video over satellite, audio over phone or internet).

The KS-1017 works from a reference synchronous pulse of audio and light generated on location. Simply plug the audio to the rear panel (which accepts mic or line level on XLR connections), and hold the optical wand up to the monitor where the light pulse will occur. For ease of operation, the built-in speaker can be used to hear the feed, and a meter on the front panel of the KS-1017 shows the intensity detected on the optical meter.

The KS-1017 will measure the difference, display which came first, second and third (audio L, R, and video), and show the difference in time. The lag time can be displayed in milliseconds or frames.

4-AA batteries power the KS-1017, allowing it to be carried around a facility to use on multiple feeds.