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HS-4000 - 4-track Broadcast Recorder



ytv NexTry -TV Program Production-


Installed Products

HS-4000, RC-HS32PD
Main application:Flash starting system for use outside the studio

In addition, they use MD-801, MD-350 and other MD recorders in each studio, and they use our DA-88 for surround master playback.



Ytv NexTry undertakes all aspects of TV program production, from planning, filming and editing to mastering. They use our HS-4000 and RC-HS32PD in a flash starting system that can be taken out during filming.
One feature of the HS-4000 is its 2x2 playback ability. Using this in the system, after preparing audio elements in the studio, they transport the HS-4000 and RC-HS32PD units in a specially-ordered case, and use it for flash starting away from the studio, including outdoors.




Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) -Radio and Television Broadcaster-

Installed Products

Main application:Recorders for audio editing

HS-4000 + RC-HS32PD
Main application:Players for audio transmission during program production (flash-starting)

CD-9010CF + RC-9010 + AK-S9010 + AK-A9010
Main application:CD players for program production



NHK has installed numerous TASCAM products, including HS-4000 and CD-9010CF in its stations throughout Japan. This example is from a studio in the NHK Broadcasting Center in Shibuya.

The HS-4000 units have been installed as replacements for multiple magnetic-optical drive (MO) and DAT players/recorders. The CD-9010CF units have been installed as replacements for the previous Broadcast CD players.

NHK uses the HS-4000 units connected to a local area network (LAN). In addition to the HS-4000 units themselves, they have also installed a TASCAM IF-D4000VN unit for VGA display connected by VNC. An external display is connected to the IF-D4000VN and used to show in one place the contents of four HS-4000 displays. Two are utilized for recording and two for playback.

The HS-4000 units that are used for playback each have one RC-HS32PD unit connected as a flash-starting controller. The RC-HS32PD controllers are installed in custom racks.

Each CD-9010CF unit has a connected RC-9010 that is equipped with an AK-A9010 armrest. Together these are mounted on AK-S9010 stands designed specifically for this combination of units.



HS-4000 + RC-HS32PD