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HS-20 - 2 Channel Network Recorder/Player



Examples of applications using local area networks (LANs)

By utilizing the high-speed data transfer of 1000BASE-T, sophisticated transmission systems can be created. Complete audio control is possible using the HS-20 on a local area network - including transport control and audio transfer.

In-store broadcasting system using the HS-20
Using one or more units, you can automatically distribute and start the playback of background music or custom in-store announcements from a central headquarters to several locations. By setting the units to download files at regular intervals using event lists, HS-20 units can automatically retrieve audio files from a central server. Retrieved audio can be played back according to the event list settings. The SNTP function allows scheduled playback with accurate time synchronization.
Management System for Sharing Meeting and Lecture Data
Recorded meeting files, classes, worship services, or performances can be uploaded immediately to a server with an automatic upload function that triggers when when recording stops. This enables recordings to be managed and shared immediately after recording. This feature can also be used for the transcription of minutes - allowing the data to be used on the server to start work quickly.
Broadcast System for Transportation Applications
In this system, files stored on a server are computer-synthesized, and transmitted via radio to vehicles in the field.

Since audio signals can be transmitted by LAN, and machine control signals sent by parallel control, the separation of functions allows this system to be incorporated with existing facility equipment.