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GA-100CD - 100-Watt Guitar Amp / CD Trainer Combo

This model has been discontinued.


From the people who brought you the must-have CD-GT1 MkII - the company that's been making pro audio gear for guitarists for over 30 years - comes the GA-100CD.

A new concept in guitar combos, the GA-100CD is a 100-watt guitar amplifier with a built-in CD Trainer. Now you can learn those guitar licks, play along with the CD as your backing track, and amplify the results.

Whether you're a singer/songwriter, playing in a band, or a weekend warrior, this amp's got the tone to drive it home. TASCAM's Neo TubeT technology makes the GA-100CD sound like a tube amp, using a new solid state FET circuit that does what digital modeling was supposed to do: make you sound amazing! And its built-in effects - including delay, chorus, phase, flanger, tremolo & vibrato plus reverb - can be applied to make you sound even better.

TASCAM's GA-100CD is a combo that defines a whole new way to play guitar.