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DV-W14R - Rackmount DVD Duplicator

This model has been discontinued.


The new DV-W11R and DV-W14R are rackmount duplicators based on the same high-speed, reliable TEAC optical drives as TASCAM's current duplicators.

The DV-W11R 1x1 duplicator is perfect for recording studios, houses of worship or anywhere else rackmounting is important. The DV-W14R includes a high-speed hard drive for saving disc images that can be written over and over. It has one master transport and four destination drives, and two can be chained together for 1x8 duplication. When the hard drive is used as a master source, the DV-W14R uses all five drives for writing new discs. All of the machines feature 12x TEAC DVD drives for fast, reliable duplication.