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DV-D6500 - RS-232 Controllable DVD Player

This model has been discontinued. It has been replaced with the DV-D01U.


The DV-D6500 is an affordable RS-232 controllable DVD player, ideal for residential, commercial and institutional installations. Its wide range of readable media and programming capabilities make this a flexible recorder for use in virtually any application.

For professional presentations, the background logo on the DV-D6500 can be changed to an all-black with the DV-D6500 update CD-ROM. Changing the background to all-black prevents unwanted images on the screen if the A/V tech accidentally stops the DVD player.

For retail environments, the affordable IF-P6500 Power-On Play box automates the DV-D6500 to remain in play anytime power is on. This small box (about the size of a Hi8 tape) fits behind the DVD player in most any application.

When playing Video DVDs, Super Video CDs and regular Video CDs, the DV-D6500 offers crystal clear picture quality. The true Progressive Scan output option far surpasses imaging of "line doubling" DVD players, with higher resolution and jitter reduction.

Those dealing with large TVs, projection TVs or video walls will appreciate the DV-D6500's high quality handling of the chroma channel. This prevents the image streaking found on the outputs of the majority of DVD players currently on the market.

Real-time FVPP (Fine Video Picture Processing) feature also allows you to make advanced adjustments to the picture; beyond the basic brightness and contrast, you'll also get color saturation, gamma correction, and other controls to maximize the potential of your projector or TV.

RS-232 control on the DV-D6500 offers extensive transport control, machine set-ups, counter data, and disc format data. The protocol is well documented, and easily obtainable. More information on external control of the DV-D6500 is available.

Of course, all of the standard features you'd expect to find on a DVD player are here as well. You'll find language controls, camera angle control, digital surround outputs, slow motion, and so on.

The RC-6500J wireless remote is included with the DV-D6500.

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