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DS-D98 - Super High Resolution Direct Stream Digital (DSD) Recorder

This model has been discontinued.


The Super Audio CD (SACD) format is based upon Direct Stream Digital (DSD) processing, a technology that records audio signals at a high sampling frequency of 2.8224 MHz, and converts them to 1-bit data. This achieves unprecedented sonic quality without the decimation and interpolation stages associated with conventional PCM technology.

Up until now recording DSD data was only possible two tracks at a time on a stand-alone recorder, or on a workstation.

The new TASCAM DS-D98 is based on the popular DA-98HR high resolution DTRS multitrack recorder. The DS-D98 can be configured in both a DSD two-track and PCM multitrack format.

This new acquisition and mixdown recorder is designed for the high resolution recording standards of DSD Audio. The DS-D98 is the only system where multiple DSD recorders can be synchronized for multitrack recording for up to 32 DSD tracks, and the exclusive tape-based machine capable of SACD recording.

In DSD mode, the unit functions as a 2-track recorder/player with synchronization of up to 16 units and to other DTRS recorders and features Sonys SDIF-3 digital I/O. In PCM multitrack mode, the DS-D98 Recorder features a selectable 24-bit or 16-bit recording format with 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192kHz sampling frequencies. (44.1/48kHz: 8-tracks, 88.2/96kHz: 4-tracks, 176.4/192kHz: 2-tracks). Recordings made on the DS-D98 will be backward compatible with existing DTRS recordings. Additional features include: +/- 6% pitch control, an onboard test tone generator, electronic patchbay, TDIF-1 digital audio interface and D-sub 25 pin 8-channel AES/EBU digital I/O.

Like the DA-98HR, the 4U rackmountable DS-D98 features a confidence monitoring function, selectable reference levels, a LCD display on the front panel, set-up data memory on tape, seamless punch I/O with digital cross fade, adjustable peak hold release time level meter and an A/B head playback error rate display function. The unit also supports the RS-422 control (P2 protocol). Its synchronization capabilities include XLR time-code IN/OUT terminal with an onboard SMPTE synchronizer, Word Sync In/Out/Thru, Machine offset in sub-frame or sample rate accuracy, and Auto Punch I/O in 0.1 frame accuracy.