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DR-100 - Portable Digital Recorder with Four Microphones

This model has been discontinued. It has been replaced with the DR-100MKII.


Copyright 2007 Dixie Chan "Tascam must have been reading my mind when they designed the DR-100. It has quickly become my favorite portable recorder among the many that I have owned. The built-in microphones have a smooth natural sound, with lower noise floor than most other portables. The double batteries and gapless power switching help immensely when recording natural sounds, far away from a recharging source. The built in XLR phantom powered mic preamps let me use my best microphones (when I have the space to carry them.) The DR-100 is a very well-conceived sound collecting tool, and an excellent value. "

- Robert Rich,

"This is a pro handheld field recorder that is built to last, sounds great, and has the benefit of solid ergonomic and industrial design. I’m sold! My other handheld’s days might be numbered." 

- Tape Op Magazine Click to read the full review (PDF)


Everything Audio Network STELLAR SOUND! Award "The TASCAM’s audio performance, ergonomics, features and ease of use is first rate. I was so impressed with the recording quality that I bought one."

- John Gatski
Click here to read the full review.

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