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DR-07 - Portable Digital Recorder

This model has been discontinued. It has been replaced with the DR-22WL.


The TASCAM DR-07 makes portable recording both simple and affordable. A stereo condenser microphone captures WAV or MP3 files for master recordings that match or exceed CD-quality. With additional features like our exclusive Variable Speed Audition to help you learn new music, the DR-07 is the perfect recorder for any stage in your musical career.

Features & Benefits  
Feature Benefit
WAV recording from 44.1kHz/16-bit to 48kHz/24-bit recording quality Detailed master WAV recordings to archive and master for polished-sounding CDs
MP3 recording from 32k to 320k Recordings you can instantly share online
Built- in stereo condenser microphone Record anywhere without hooking up microphones
Records to SD or SD-HC card media (2GB card included) Uses affordable, reusable media that's resistant to shock and other damage
Playback Control Loop or slow down songs without changing the pitch to learn new music
AA Battery power Easy to find, rechargeable batteries available
Line and Mic inputs on 1/8" stereo jacks Use your own microphone or record a line level source like a guitar effect processor
Camera tripod mount Attach to any tripod for flexible recording anywhere


Quick Recording and Computer Transfer

The DR-07 makes it easy to start recording right away:
  1. First, let's select either WAV or MP3 file recording. Press the MENU button, turn the data wheel to select "Rec Setting" and press PLAY. Make sure "Format" is selected and press PLAY again.
  2. Turn the data wheel to select a resolution, like "MP3 256kbps." Press the STOP/HOME button to return to the main screen.
  3. Press the RECORD button. Adjust the REC LEVEL knob on the right side of the unit while watching the meters for a good record level.
  4. Press RECORD again to start recording. The record light will light solid.
  5. To transfer your recordings to a computer, simply connect the USB cable to your Mac or Windows computer. The DR-07 will show up like a hard drive on your computer, and your recordings will be in the "Music" folder.
Change the Input Setting

The DR-07 can record from three sources: the built-in microphone, external microphone input or a line input. To choose your input:
  1. Press the MENU button, located under the display
  2. Turn the DATA WHEEL to select "Input Setting" and press the PLAY button.
  3. Input is set to MIC by default. To change this, press the "»|" button to access the right column
  4. Turn the wheel again until the display says "Line." To record with an external microphone, leave it on "Mic" and plug a microphone into the input on top of the unit.
  5. Press the STOP/HOME button to return to the main screen.
Using Variable Speed Audition to Learn Music

TASCAM portable recorders allow you to loop and slow down music to learn new licks or transcribe parts. Here is how you set that up:
  1. Play a WAV or MP3 file.
  2. Press the I/O button at the start and end point of where you want to loop the section. The music will automatically loop.
  3. Press the PB CONT button to switch that function on.
  4. Press and hold the PB CONT button to access its menu. There are four settings that affect playback here:
    • VSA - When on, the music will not change pitch when you slow it down.
    • Speed - Changes playback between 1/2 speed (-50) and 16% faster rate
    • Key - Changes the pitch of playback in 1/2 step intervals
    • Fine Tune - Use this to match the playback to your instrument's pitch without re-tuning
  5. Press the STOP/HOME button to go to the main screen.

See the DR-07 specifications