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DA-78HR - 8-Track, 24-Bit DTRS Recorder

This model has been discontinued.


The DA-78HR is a modular 8 track, 24 bit DTRS recorder. This machine offers advanced synchronization SMPTE and MTC functions, the straight-forward reliability of tape, and high fidelity 24 bit audio recording.

The DA-78HR represents the latest evolution in the TASCAM DTRS line, bringing the DTRS format into the 24 bit world. The A/D and D/A converters on the DA-78HR are all 24 bit, offering immediate access to the full 24 bit resolution. For backwards compatibility, the DA-78HR is capable of reading and writing 16 bit DTRS tapes used with machines like the DA-38, DA-88 and DA-98.

For larger recording systems, up to 16 DTRS machines of any vintage can be linked together for up to 128 tracks of sample accurate playback. This means you can link DA-38s, DA-88s, DA-98s, DA-78HRs and DA-98HRs all in the same rig. The optional RC-828 can be used to control up to 4 DTRS machines individually.

The DA-78HR has synchronization capabilities on board. The DA-78HR can chase or generate SMPTE time code, and can generate MIDI Time Code. The DA-78HR can also follow MIDI Machine Control.