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DA-45HR - 24-Bit DAT Recorder

This model has been discontinued.


The DA-45HR builds on the feature set from the DA-40, and brings the machine into the 24 bit recording realm.

The DA-45HR is the world's first 24-bit DAT recorder. It is capable of writing full 24 bit, high resolution data to the standard DAT tape. This allows you to have an affordable, simple solution for 24 bit recording. The DA-45HR can also serve as a standard 16 bit DAT solution, reading and writing DATs created on standard DAT machines.

Since the DA-45HR can serve as both a 16 bit and 24 bit DAT recorder, it can be installed in place of a standard 16 bit DAT recorder. You don't need two separate machines to have dual functionality.

Another helpful feature is the Word Clock I/O on the DA-45HR. Word Clock In and Thru allow you to clock to an external source on playback. This is key for integration into larger digital set-ups with a central clock source.

As mentioned, the DA-45HR implements the same advanced functions that the DA-40 offers, including track names, locate points, single play, selectable SCMS status, parallel and serial control, and calibrated I/O.

The optional RC-D45 wired remote is designed to work with the DA-45HR