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DA-302 - Dual Well DAT Recorder

This model has been discontinued.


  • Common Unbalanced RCA Analog Input
  • Independent Unbalanced RCA Analog Output
  • Independent SPDIF Coax Digital I/O
  • DAT Dubbing at 2x Speed
  • Duplicates Time Code & 24 Bit DATs (1x Only)
  • Both DAT Wells Record Capable for Dual Masters
  • Single Play Function (Play One Track & Pause)
  • Selectable SCMS Status
  • Headphone Output w/ Level Control
  • RC-D302 Wired Remote Included
  • Optional LA-D302 Balancing Kit
  • 3-U Rack Mountable Dual DAT Recorder
  • Supports Track Names in DAT Sub codes
  • Record Mute Function
  • Coax Digital Ports Switchable to AES/EBU
  • Multiple Machine Link for Long Play/Record
  • Analog and Digital Cascade Output