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DA-20mkII - DAT Recorder

This model has been discontinued.


The DA-20mkII is an affordable DAT recorder which capitalizes on the key advantages of the DAT format.

The DA-20mkII offers analog I/O on unbalanced RCAs. Digital I/O is provided on SPDIF coax. All standard DAT recording modes are supported: 32kHz long play, 44.1kHz CD-compatible, and 48kHz DAT standard.

The DA-20mkII can override SCMS code limitations. SCMS (Serial Copy Management System) was designed for consumer DAT recorders to thwart pirating of copy written material. Of course, SCMS doesn't consider who owns the copyright. So if your recorder cannot override SCMS codes, you may also be prevented from copying material that is public domain, or material that you own. Since the DA-20mkII can override these codes, this won't be a concern.

The RC-D20 wireless remote is included with the DA-20mkII.