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CD-VT1mkII - Portable Instrument & Vocal Trainer

This model has been discontinued. It has been replaced with the CD-VT2.


A funny thing happened when we debuted the CD-VT1 Vocal Trainer. More than just vocalists bought it. Woodwind, brass and string players discovered that its Vocal Cancellation feature worked equally well on instrumental recordings. They discovered that being able to slow down a difficult passage without changing the pitch was a perfect practice tool.

Among other extra new features, the mkII version includes an enhanced Vocal Canceller that lets you select the cancellation point in the Left-Right stereo pan and also lets you select just midrange or full cancellation. It also adds more Variable Speed options, built-in metronome, split monitoring and a host of other cool new features.

Easy to Learn and Use
If you can operate a CD player, you can use the CD-VT1mkII. Take any standard compact disc by your favorite band and put it in the CD mechanism. Then plug a microphone (or two) directly into the CD-VT1mkII's 1/4" inputs. Put on some headphones, set the volume, and start rocking!

Slow Down and Learn with Slow Speed Audition feature
In ancient times (like the 1970s), musicians would take a vinyl LP record and manually spin the record on a turntable, slowing it down to be able to better hear and understand the performances, like fast rap passages and complex chord changes. With the CD-VT1mkII, you get a training method that's even better. Not only can you slow down the speed of the CD by up to 50%, but you can do it without changing the pitch of the original material! After you learn the song at a slow speed, you can increase the tempo in steps until you can match the original performance note for note. Also, you can change the pitch of the CD without changing the speed...use this feature to "tune the CD" to your instrument or vocal range.

Effect Yourself
The CD-VT1mkII has 18 great-sounding built-in customizable don't need to turn to external boxes for reverb, echo and more. The Voice Changer effect pitches the input up or down one octave, and the Vocal Canceller eliminates the original vocal so you can sing along.

Performance Tools
You can set seamless in-out loop points with the will play the same section of music over and over again so you can focus on your playing. The CD-VT1mkII even provides a chromatic tuner so you always sound great when you play, and can run on batteries to take your show on the road. You can listen to the CD-VT1mkII via headphones, or use its Line Output to plug in speakers.

There's never been a better or more affordable instrument/voice training tool than the CD-VT1mkII. Get one at your TASCAM retailer and start improving your playing today!