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CD-RW4U - Professional CD Recorder & Player

This model has been discontinued.


TASCAM's CD-RW4U is a professional audio CD recorder, designed to be economical and space conscious. This CD player's small footprint and affordable price point enable it to be installed in place of a CD player in most any situation.

The CD-RW4U's durability, comes from the TEAC CD-RW mechanism. Rather than utilizing a modified consumer CD player mechanism, the CD-RW4U uses a TEAC CD-RW computer mechanism. These drives are extremely robust, carrying a mean time between failure rating of 100,000 power-on hours.

Given the CD-RW4U's durability and small size, this becomes the ideal CD player or recorder for building directly into a podium on stage or in a restaurant, or even in a utility closet. Given the attractive enclosure, it is even appropriate in visible locations on counter tops or desks.

The CD-RW4U is easy to use. Unlike consumer CD-Recorders which require "For Audio Only" CDs, the CD-RW4U is able to record to standard data CD media or audio CD media. The CD-RW4U can also override SCMS codes implemented with consumer players. This means that you won't get stuck with the wrong media, and you'll always be able to make distribution copies of your work.

The RC-RW700 wireless remote is included with the CD-RW4U.