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CD-D1X4 - 1:4 Cascadable CD Duplicator

This model has been discontinued.


The CD-D1x4 is an affordable solution for musicians, independent record labels or anyone else that requires multiple replicas of their audio CDs or CD-ROMs. It implements sturdy TEAC CD-ROM and CD-RW drives for years of reliable performance.

Using the CD-D1x4 couldn't be more simple. Just pop the disc you want to duplicate into the master drive on top, then insert your blank CD media into the slave drives on bottom. In just a few button pushes, you can set the duplication speed and start burning discs! Plus, the CD-D1x4 is capable of duplicating more than just music CDs. CD-ROMs with software and other computer files can be easily replicated. For applications that require larger duplication runs, two CD-D1x4s may be cascaded to act as a single 1x8 replicator.

Designed for everyone from bands distributing their own music to churches and businesses that require multiple copies of their audio CDs or CD-ROMs, the CD-D1x4 is the perfect disc duplication solution from the world leader in recording technology.