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CD-9010 SYSTEM - high-performance CD player for the broadcast

This model has been discontinued.


The CD-9010 System continues the TASCAM tradition of high-quality audio in a durable, efficient, and user-friendly package.  It is the new standard of high-performance CD players for broadcast studios and commercial installations.

TASCAM's CD-9010 and CD-9010CF is the most well adapted Broadcast CD Player on the market. After rigorous tests and samples field-evaluated by broadcasters across the industry, TASCAM has fine-tuned every detail - from the placement of the keys, the feel of the dials and operational features of the machine.

The CD-9010(CF) utilizes the high-powered 5010B drive for high- performance, quality and sound. The functionality of the unit is unrivalled with its online capabilities, 9 points of cue memory per disc (up to 100 discs), word sync, auto cue etc. Functionality is only increased when used with the remote control unit RC-9010S.

A variety of control and interface ports are found on the rear panel; BNC AES-3id outputs (CD-9010CF), XLR AES/EBU outputs and coaxial S/PDIF (CD-9010), Mono outputs, Parallel D-sub 37P, RS-232C serial control and USB Keyboard (CD-9010CF)

TASCAM's 3U 1/2 rack CD-9010 and CD-9010CF fills the need for heavy-duty CD-players - and playback from Compact Flash - in the broadcast market.

Main Features (CD-9010CF/CD-9010)

  • Field-proven CD-5010B drive has been redesigned for increased durability
  • Electronics tailored for the highest quality audio
  • 1 BNC word-clock input (44.1/48kHz)
  • Parallel control (D-sub 37-pin)
  • RS-232C serial control (D-sub 15-pin)
  • Digital output
  • Supports CD-DA/CD-R
  • ONLINE function
  • ONLINE/MONITOR selectable
  • Supports 44.1/48kHz,16/24bit
  • Sample Rate Converter plays 44.1kHz audio source at 48kHz when the incoming word clock sample rate is 48kHz
  • +/- 12.5% pitch control
  • Program play
  • Auto Cue, Auto Ready, Incremental Play
  • MIX INPUT for connection of a backup CD player 
  • Mono output

Available Features on CD-9010CF

  • CF memory player function
  • USB-A connector for keyboard
  • Program play can select CD and CF
  • AES-3id output via BNC
  • CD ripping function

Available Features on RC-9010S

  • 10-key for time search, index search, and cue memory
  • Built-in monitor speaker
  • 100mm fader with 0dB lock for ONLINE function
  • High-durability keys withstand countless cycling
  • Suitable key layout for broadcasting/MA operation

CD/CF Player
CD Player
Remote Controller
Armrest for the RC-9010S



Proven Durabiltiy


・ CD-5010B Drive Mechanism

The CD-5010B tuned optical drive is broadcast-durable. Disc recognition and open/close movement is very fast, and has a manual eject lever in case of power failure.

・ Durable, Illuminated Function Keys

The frequently used function keys on the RC-9010S feature materials that are able to withstand up to several million cycles.  The transport keys are illuminated, and the operation keys are ideally placed based on the evaluation of operators in the broadcast industry.

・ Durable Metal Knobs With Metal Shafts

DATA and LEVEL knobs on RC-9010S and DATA knob on the CD-9010CF / CD-9010 are made with metal shafts providing high-durability. The DATA knobs provide a clicking rotation for confident level settings and ease-of-mind operation.

・ Digitally Controlled Fader is Degradation-resistant

The RC-9010S remote controller uses a digitally controlled 100mm fader which offers degradation-resistance. 

・ Independent PCB for Each Connector

The PCBs (printed-circuit boards) for each INPUT / OUTPUT connector are separated from each other. These independent PCBs provide resistance to twisting and pulling on the connectors.

・ CANARE BNC Connectors 

To ensure reliability and durability, we adopted wrench-proof BNC connectors made by CANARE for the CD-9010CF and CD-9010.


Unparalleled High-quality Sound


・ Components Carefully Selected From Repetitive Listening Tests

Over many years of audio design experience, TASCAM has employed the technical know-how and expertise to develop professional audio equipment - but we spent additional time, resources, and had repeated listening tests to ensure high-quality audio when selecting components for the CD-9010 system. The listening tests were held in a studio at TASCAM corporation with broadcasters invited from the industry for direction.

・ 2 Burr Brown PCM1796 D/A Converters

To ensure the highest quality audio for each LINE OUTPUT and MONITOR OUTPUT, we selected the PCM1796 D/A converters because of Burr Brown's highly-regarded reputation in the audio industry.  

・ 9 JRC NJM5532 Operational Amplifiers

For the CD-9010CF/CD-9010's operational amplifiers, we installed the JRC NJM5532 - also used for our popular Broadcast 4-track recorder, the HS-4000.

・ 24-bit Internal Processing for 16-bit CD Digital Audio

With the combination of the RC-9010S and CD-9010CF/CD-9010, 24-bit high-resolution monitoring and signal-to-noise ration is maintained at lower-volume playback.

・ Bypass Capacitor Selected From Critical Listening Tests

Even the bypass capacitor, supplying power to the audio circuit, was carefully selected from many components after repeated comparative tests.

・ Robust Power Supply Capacitor

The large-capacity condenser on the power supply unit enhances power-supply stability. It ensures compatibility between sound quality and high-efficiency performance -and space was not compromised.

・ NEUTRIK Gold-plated Connectors

Considering long-term professional use, we use NEUTRIK XLR gold-plated rust-resistant connectors to maintain high-quality sound.

・ Dedicated Connection Cable Provides Both High-quality Audio and Efficiency

The connection between the CD-9010CF/CD-9010 and RC-9010S needs only one dedicated cable to provide manageability and portability. The audio signal lines are carefully shielded to avoid interference from other command signal lines in the cable and prevent noise regeneration.


Manageability and Usability


・ Aluminum Jog Dial Shape Designed Specifically for Ease of Use

The aluminum jog-dial of the RC-9010S has an ideal shape for operation. The shape was derived through trial and error with a variety of prototypes. In addition to the aluminum dial and metal shaft, we were creative with the edge, finger hole, and more.

・ Proper Key Layout and Speaker Placement for Broadcasting and MA

The layout and design of the operation keys and speaker were carefully delineated after shared opinions from many operators in the market. For instance, the monitor speaker is placed as close to the operator as possible for convenient low-level monitoring.

・ Smartly Placed Hardware

Keys that may cause fatal errors are protected by a guard to avoid incorrect operations or accidents. The power switch is located on the back of the unit to avoid inadvertant ON/OFF.

・ Large-sized LCD Provides Excellent Visibility in Various Environments

The brightness and contrast of the LCD with backlight can be adjusted for maximum visibility in various situations. The dot-matrix type LCD is able to display a wide-array of information.


List of Features



  • CD-5010B drive with manual eject lever
  • Supports CD-DA/CD-R
  • CF memory player function (CD-9010CF)
  • 3U half-rack size
  • 44.1k/48k Hz, 16/24 bit resolution
  • Large dot-matrix LCD with backlight
  • Illuminated keys for transport
  • Online function
  • 9 points cue memory per disc, up to 500 disc
  • Program play

    In the case of CD-9010CF, it can program both CD and CF in one program play list

  • Auto Cue, Auto Ready and Incremental Play
  • +/- 12.5% pitch control
  • Word sync

    Sample Rate Converter plays 44.1kHz audio source at 48kHz when the incoming word clock sample rate is 48kHz

  • BNC AES-3id outputs (CD-9010CF)
  • XLR AES/EBU outputs and coaxial S/PDIF (CD-9010)
  • Mono outputs
  • Mix stereo inputs for connection of a backup CD player
  • Parallel D-sub 37-pin
  • RS-232C serial control
  • USB keyboard (CD-9010CF)


  • Key layout suitable for broadcast-use
  • Long-life and high-durability keys and fader
  • Half-rack size
  • Large dot-matrix LCD same as CD-9010CF/CD-9010
  • Illuminated keys for transport
  • High-performance 128 pulse optical JOG dial
  • 10 keys for time search and index search and cue memory
  • Online function
  • 100mm fader with 0dB lock function
  • Built-in monitor speaker


  • Stand with casters
  • Secure structure
  • Fixation screw for integration of two AK-S9010
  • Drawer
  • Headphone hook


  • Palmrest of RC-9010S for comfortable operation
  • All aluminum construction