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CD-9010 SYSTEM - high-performance CD player for the broadcast

This model has been discontinued.



FM Sanin -FM Broadcaster-


Installed products

CD player:CD-9010 + RC-9010S + AK-S9010 + AK-A9010
Main application:CD players for transmission(replacement from CD-701 and RC-601)



FM Sanin is an FM broadcaster that reaches Tottori and Shimane prefectures and other nearby areas in Japan. It has ten translator stations in the region, including in Matsue and Tottori. This broadcaster has adopted our CD-9010 system in their main studio. They have upgraded from a system with TASCAM CD-701 and RC-601 units that they had previously used.
Since the previous system was operated with specialized furniture, with the adoption of the CD-9010 system this time, they also incorporated out AK-S9010 stands and AK-A9010 armrests designed for the units.
Previously, dedicated monitoring speakers were necessary, but with the incorporation of this model, they are no longer needed because monitoring can be done with the RC-9010S units. They finished the AK-A9010 armrests to match the design of their console.




Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) -Radio and Television Broadcaster-

Installed Products

Main application:Recorders for audio editing

HS-4000 + RC-HS32PD
Main application:Players for audio transmission during program production (flash-starting)

CD-9010CF + RC-9010 + AK-S9010 + AK-A9010
Main application:CD players for program production



NHK has installed numerous TASCAM products, including HS-4000 and CD-9010CF in its stations throughout Japan. This example is from a studio in the NHK Broadcasting Center in Shibuya.

The HS-4000 units have been installed as replacements for multiple magnetic-optical drive (MO) and DAT players/recorders. The CD-9010CF units have been installed as replacements for the previous Broadcast CD players.

NHK uses the HS-4000 units connected to a local area network (LAN). In addition to the HS-4000 units themselves, they have also installed a TASCAM IF-D4000VN unit for VGA display connected by VNC. An external display is connected to the IF-D4000VN and used to show in one place the contents of four HS-4000 displays. Two are utilized for recording and two for playback.

The HS-4000 units that are used for playback each have one RC-HS32PD unit connected as a flash-starting controller. The RC-HS32PD controllers are installed in custom racks.

Each CD-9010CF unit has a connected RC-9010 that is equipped with an AK-A9010 armrest. Together these are mounted on AK-S9010 stands designed specifically for this combination of units.



HS-4000 + RC-HS32PD