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322 - Advanced Dual Well Cassette Deck

This model has been discontinued.


The 322 deck was built on our existing technology, adding features that contractors have specifically requested. The result is a deck that fits into a wide variety of applications, from music studios, boardrooms, house of worship, live venues, and more.

The 322 transports use an optical sensor for detecting leader on tapes. When the tape approaches the leader tape from the cassette, it will immediately flip the tape. This minimizes the amount of time lost when switching sides, since the deck won't have to pass through the leader to the end of the reel, then back to the recordable tape again. This makes the 322 the ideal machine for logging or long-form recording.

An RS-232 port on the back of the 322 allows serial control of the deck from the various control systems on the market. This is ideal for board rooms, lecture halls, or advanced home theater systems, and more.

Like the 302, the 322 offers independent audio input and output for each well, allowing total control over each deck. The 322 can be set up so that one deck plays a tape while the other records an external source. This is perfect for recording a meeting and playing audio sources back, or playing music from tape and recording a performance on top of it. If the situation calls for a common I/O structure, you can switch it easily on the front panel. This makes it easy for creating dual masters, or saving inputs on a mixer.

The 322 also offers Return To Zero function for easier cueing, ±10% pitch control to make changes in speed, headphone output with level control, and a wired remote as standard. The optional LA-322 kit adds balanced ports to the 322.