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202MKVI - Dual Cassette Deck

This model has been discontinued.


Professional Dual Cassette with Auto-Reverse for Recording and Playback

TASCAM's 202mkVI dual cassette deck is the only choice for professional studios, houses of worship and other installations needing reliable cassette performance. The dual twin-head decks can each be used for recording or playback, or can be used together for normal or high-speed dubbing. Sync reverse dubbing is also available. 

Return to zero and A-B repeat features are included, which can play back a section of tape up to 20 times. Deck 1 has ±12% pitch control, and a front panel microphone input is available for convenient recording. Rely on TASCAM's 202mkVI for consistent cassette recording you can mount in any rack..


Main Features


Dual Cassette Transport 
The dual auto reverse cassette decks allow a tape to be cued in TAPE 2 while playing TAPE 1. Recording and playback and output is supported on both decks. Additionally, TAPE 1 has pitch control and an RTZ (Return to Zero: Return the counter to 0000) function.
Continuous Recording Feature
Continuous recording from TAPE 1 to 2 captures long recordings using two tapes. A convenient function for recording meeting minutes or other long events, the 202mkVI allows hours of recording. Recordings are captured from TAPE 1-Side A → TAPE 1-Side B → TAPE 2-Side A → TAPE 2-Side B.
Continuous Playback Function
The continuous playback function, which switches from TAPE 1 to 2, makes the 202mkVI convenient for background music. Like the continuous recording feature, the 202mkVI switches from TAPE 1-Side A → TAPE 1-Side B → TAPE 2-Side A → TAPE 2-Side B.
Parallel Recording Feature
The parallel recording function for TAPE 1 and 2 records audio to both decks simultaneously, creating two tapes with the same contents. A master tape and a copy for distribution can be created simultaneously such as when distribution is needed after recording, skipping the need for duplicating the master tape.
Mic mixing function convenient for karaoke and announcements using the microphone input
A front panel microphone input is provided, allowing the user to record annoucnements or commentary. The mic input is mixed with the RCA inputs, and each level can be mixed individually.

* It is not possible to record by mixing the sound played back from TAPE 1 (or TAPE 2) with the sound from the mic input to TAPE 2 (or TAPE 1).
One-touch Dubbing
Dubbing the contents of one tape to the other is available at the touch of a button. Both normal speed and high-speed dubbing are available. The synchro reverse dubbing function synchronizes the side A/B switching for both TAPE 1 and TAPE 2, so that the contents start at the same time – even when using tapes of different lengths.

Features at a glance


  • Dual cassette deck for playing and switching 2 cassettes
  • Auto reverse on both decks
  • Supports Normal tapes (Type I, recording and playback), Chrome tapes (Type II, recording and playback), and Metal tapes (Type IV, playback only)
  • Continuous recording function between TAPE 1/2 for hours of recording
  • Parallel recording function for TAPE 1/2 that can reduce time for dubbing cassettes
  • Mic mixing function convenient for karaoke and announcements using the microphone input
  • Normal and high-speed dubbing with one touch
  • Synchro reverse dubbing that synchronizing the switching from Side A to Side B.
  • Timer playback/recording functions for playing back and recording when the power is turned ON in collaboration with commercially available timers.
  • RTZ (Return to Zero) function that returns the tape to the zero count point (TAPE 1 only)
  • Repeat playback function (Between A-B, stops after 20 times)
  • +/-12% pitch control function (TAPE 1 only)
  • Continuous playback function for TAPE 1/2 for hours of playback
  • RCA analog unbalanced input/output
  • Standard headphone jack output
  • EIA 3U rack mount size
  • RoHS certified