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122mkIII - Three Head Broadcast Series Cassette Deck

This model has been discontinued.


The 122mkIII is the de-facto industry standard professional mastering and broadcast cassette deck, and with good reason. Few products receive this much attention to detail during every aspect of the production.

The tape handling on the 122mkIII was designed from the ground up for optimum performance. The FG Servo Direct Drive Capstan is used exclusively on this deck, providing the smoothest tape handling of any deck on the market. This results the best wow and flutter characteristics available. Cobalt amorphous record and play heads were designed specifically for this deck, offering the excellent sound quality and longer life.

Plus, more convenience features were added to this deck. The LA-112 balancing kit, optional on other Professional Series decks, is standard equipment on the 122mkIII. Gear/clutch coupled input controls allow easier setting of input levels. Built-in oscillators and front panel bias controls allow you to easily adjust your 122mkIII for optimal performance with various tape brands and types.

Like the other Professional Series decks, the 122mkIII also has a parallel remote port with fader start function and status tallies, making the 122mkIII a perfect fit for broadcast studios. It also has the input monitor selectors, MPX filters, Dolby NR and HX Pro, and the rest of the pro functions desired by professionals.

The optional RC-134 wired remote is designed to work with the 122mkIII.