TASCAM Talkback


TASCAM Talkback

From a leader in products for every segment of the sound and music industry comes a podcast for podcasters and streamers. Eagerly immersing itself in this booming audio/streaming/voice realm, TASCAM is delivering this show every other week to speak to beginner, intermediate, and advanced broadcasters. Content will include in-depth How To, News, Tips, Tricks, and spotlights on new Hardware and Software. We'll also be speaking with Podcasters, gamers, content producers and hardware designers - the very people who make podcasting happen.

TASCAM Talkback can also be heard via iTunes, Stitcher Radio, and TuneIn Radio.

Join the converation! email us at  talkback@tascam.com with comments, questions or toprics for upcoming shows.


EPISODE 5 : There WILL Be Mistakes.

Our host uses Episode 5 to give first-hand examples of podcasting mistakes that he has made and lessons learned, relative to solutions for overcoming these incidents - or, at least, preparing in advance in order to avoid encountering these scenarios yourself. This episode will help you navigate through possibilities such as these in your podcasting endeavors and it also serves as an invitation to contribute to the community with examples of your own that others can learn from.

EPISODE 4 : Streaming radio, different from podcasting, with Gene Turnbow

Gene Turnbow of Krypton Radio talks about how he gets interviews with people who otherwise would turn you away (and why) and getting around permissions along the way. Plus, he discusses how he went from gaming online alongside one hour of music on a loop to having the only streaming radio station on the Internet doing Sci-Fi geek culture radio all the time. He also refers to live DJs versus auto-DJs. All this without a traditional brick and mortar station or studio. Gene also describes the challenge of USB microphones in a multiple microphone environment and the challenge of music licensing and why the latter is a factor in the difference between streaming and podcasting. He even invites content submissions!

EPISODE 3 : An Interview About Podcast Interviews with Jessica Rhodes

An interview with Jessica Rhodes about interviews! She is the Founder and CEO of Interview Connections and is a part of two podcasts herself. This episode addresses interviews from both sides of the mic, helping you whether you are doing the interviewing or the one answering the questions – or both. From guest bookings to "uh oh, the guest used profanity," there are lots of notes to be taken during this third installment of TASCAM Talkback.

EPISODE 2 : Interview with Chris Krimitsos

Episode 2 provides a testimonial to the popularity of podcasting as presented through various research statistics that are given by the host as well as an interview with Chris Krimitsos, the executive producer of "The Messengers: A Podcast Documentary," which was just released last week after having reached number 1 on iTunes during pre-sales. For more on the film project, visit TheMessengersDoc.com

EPISODE 1 : Introducing TASCAM Talkback

What this podcast is, why TASCAM is doing it, what to expect, TASCAM products for podcasting and streaming, who the host is, who TASCAM is, the definition of a podcast, and more!